Maintenance pits for transit and automotive services have a unique
set of demanding requirements when it comes to lighting. From large
transit maintenance facilities to grease and lube pits, many corrosive
elements are present and require waterproof, chemical-resistant
fixtures that can withstand such exposure as well as resillience to
impact and vibration. Transit pits require a linear LED luminaire that
will withstand contact with water, oil, chemicals and debris without

With limited clearance inside the pits, a low-profile fixture that
provides adequate illumination levels is necessary for the safety and
efficiency of workers. These fixtures must fit into a space where there
are height restrictions and need to be be able to adjust the direction
of the light output to aim as needed. With little time to focus on
installing and maintaining a lighting system, the ideal solution would
require minimal attention with a low risk of failure.

“Maintenance pits are the most difficult railmenvironment to illuminate, due to punishing conditions and limited space. The G&G fixture not only survives these harsh conditions, it thrives despite them.”

John Tull, Director of Infrastructure
Facility Solutions Group

“The G&G TRX is the only reliable pit lighting solution I have ever encountered. Its low profile linear design gets the light where it is needed without getting in the way. It’s driverless
technology and IP68 quick disconnect allow for easy installation and maintenance. It is by far
the best fixture for harsh pit conditions I have ever installed!”

John Tull, Director of Infrastructure
Facility Solutions Group


G&G’s low-profile, linear TRX series luminaire was designed specifically for use in transit applications, especially maintenance pits. Its lowprofile, 1” round linear housing provides a remarkably compact design while the single piece, permanently sealed copolyester enclosure offers extreme resillience to corrosive elements and durability against impact and vibration. The TRX series connects directly to AC line voltage without an LED driver or electrolytic capacitors, for ease of use and extreme reliability. Heavy duty cabling and push-andclick connectors make TRX series fixtures easy to install and daisy chain for long linear runs. G&G offers an optional galvanized steel backplate which provides simplified mounting and extra protection in rugged applications. Providing 1,000 lumens per foot, up to 130 lumens per watt, TRX is a highly efficient LED luminaire purpose built for demanding transit applications.

Features That Mattered

Corrosion Resistant – Withstands exposure to oil and chemicals

IP68 Rated – IK07 impact certified

Low-Profile – Compact 1” round housing

Driverless – Direct AC connection reduces risk of failure

Quick Connect – Daisy chain for long runs of fixtures

Aimable – Rotate and adjust to position light where needed

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