Automotive Services Lighting

Proper illumination for automotive services not only plays a critical role in job performance by maximizing visibility, but it is also essential for employee safety and production quality.

G&G’s low-profile LED luminaires are an ideal lighting solution for this environment where space is at a premium and environmental factors such as oil splatters, moisture and debris are ever present. Designed using a chemical resistant copolymer housing that is permanently sealed, these fixtures are impervious to these elements and provide glare free illumination without risk of failure.

By using direct-AC technology, eliminating the need for a traditional LED driver and maximizing the luminaire’s life, the only maintenance you’ll need to worry with is the work being performed on your customer’s vehicles.

Drive your business forward with G&G.

From nationwide automotive dealerships to smalltown garages, G&G partners with businesses of all sizes to build the right lighting system and move their business forward.

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