Many factors were at play in choosing the appropriate lighting system for the bridge. The product had to be waterproof and corrosion resistant to withstand constant exposure to weather elements, vehicular exhaust and the saltwater atmosphere. Even more unique was that the product was to be mounted (strapped) to the existing steel cables, like the preceding neon tubes, so form factor and mounting versatility was paramount in selecting the new LEDs to be installed within this infrastructure.

“With these LED lights we can literally do any color in the rainbow, have multiple color combinations and present these lights and present our city in a totally different way. The transformation that it presents to the riverfront is just incredible and we are really proud to be behind the project.”

David Cawton, Communication Director

“We looked at a lot of lighting systems that had a low profile and low weight characteristic to it. We had to factor in vibration, weather elements, the sun bearing down on it, constant exposure to humidity, salt from the river below and more. As we were looking, the product from G&G was checking all the boxes.”

John Carew, Senior Electrical Engineer, RS&H


G&G’s linear WPX RGB Color Mixing LED luminaires were the perfect fit for the Acosta Bridge application. The low-profile, compact housing could be easily mounted onto the existing cabling where the antiquated neon lights had originally been placed, while creating a sleek, modern aesthetic. Designed specifically for use in harsh environments, the WPX series is a single piece, permanently sealed copolyester enclosure offering extreme resilience to corrosive elements and durability against impact and vibration. Heavy duty cabling and push-and-click connectors make the WPX fixtures easy to install and daisy chain for long linear runs. By pairing the lighting system with a DMX controller, the city has complete RGB control to create custom lighting shows that have a dramatic effect on the Jacksonville skyline.

Features That Matter

  • Corrosion Resistant – Withstands exposure to elements & salt spray
  • IP68/69K Rated – Protection against water and dust intrusion
  • Low-Profile – Compact 1” round housing
  • Mounting Versatility – Easily adapted to existing cabling
  • Quick Connect – Daisy chain for long runs of fixtures
  • Glare Free, Aimable – Light directed away from driver’s vision
  • Impact Resistant IK07 impact certified

“This was a much more advanced option, but it was still a plug and play option. The lights can dim, fade, chase like a marquee, twinkle, strobe — there are so many possibilities for programming shows.”

Joseph Mangels, Senior Project Associate Miller Electric

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