Completely Synchronized Lighting

Sync all of your wall mounted tunnel mood lighting, arch effect / equipment mounted lighting and ambient white lighting together to create vivid, cohesive light shows.

Designed for Car Wash

Access to pre-programmed light shows purpose-built to excel in car wash tunnels.

App & Web Interface

Easily control all lighting functions through a user-friendly web interface which can be accessed remotely over the internet from your phone, PC or connected device.

Simple Integration & Triggers

Easy to use zones and trigger to highlight wash packages, features and functions.

How It Works:

Performance Summary

The ColorWash™ controller comes with 3 different circuits inside: the control board, input board(s) and DMX/power board(s). The control board manages network connectivity, show generation and all other controls. Input boards (1 or 2) take up to 8 PLC or other generated signals (each) and sends data to the control board for specific events to occur (such as wash package and function highlighting). DMX/Power boards (1, 2 or 3) distribute power to the control board and LED fixtures. A/B/C nomenclature is used to align with fixture identification and each power board is its own DMX universe.
Power Voltage: 120 VAC or 277 VAC Input
Trigger Voltages: 12-120 VAC/DC Input

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