The Ultimate Car Wash Experience.

ColorWash™ is the easiest and most effective way to increase car count, ticket value and unlimited memberships by creating an unrivaled customer experience with powerful light shows that transform your car wash into an active marketing machine to attract and retain new business.

G&G’s ColorWash™ lighting control system is purpose-built for the car wash environment, fusing together dramatic arch lighting effects with full spectrum mood lighting and ambient white lighting, resulting in dramatic, vibrant shows synchronized with a single controller.

Create a lasting impression with stunning light shows that can be programmed to support your car wash branding, holidays, special events and more with ColorWash™.

Completely Synchronized Lighting

Sync all of your wall mounted tunnel mood lighting, arch effect / equipment mounted lighting and ambient white lighting together to create vivid, cohesive light shows.

Designed for Car Wash

Access to pre-programmed light shows purpose-built to excel in car wash tunnels.

App & Web Interface

Easily control all lighting functions through a user-friendly web interface which can be accessed remotely over the internet from your phone, PC or connected device.

Simple Integration & Triggers

Easy to use zones and trigger to highlight wash packages, features and functions.

How It Works:


Performance Summary

The ColorWash™ controller comes with 3 different circuits inside: the control board, input board(s) and DMX/power board(s). The control board manages network connectivity, show generation and all other controls. Input boards (1 or 2) take up to 8 PLC or other generated signals (each) and sends data to the control board for specific events to occur (such as wash package and function highlighting). DMX/Power boards (1, 2 or 3) distribute power to the control board and LED fixtures. A/B/C nomenclature is used to align with fixture identification and each power board is its own DMX universe.
Power Voltage: 120 VAC or 277 VAC Input
Trigger Voltages: 12-120 VAC/DC Input

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