Infrastructure Lighting

G&G has a successful track record of supplying municipalities, transportation authorities and utility companies with high quality lighting solutions for the essential functioning establishments of a city, from airports to bridges, tunnels, ports and wastewater treatment facilities.

By integrating the top innovations available in LED lighting, we are able to save substantial money on operating costs through decreased energy consumption and labor, while drastically reducing ongoing maintenance costs by engineering lighting solutions that can withstand the extreme harsh environments of many of these applications.

Whether you have a problem with corrosive elements or spatial constrictions or you’re looking for a high efficiency lighting option with extremely easy installation, G&G’s LED luminaires are an excellent solution to light your next infrastructure project. All of G&G’s products are proudly made in the USA.

Improve safety, reliability, and performance with led lights from G&G.

Your lights can be the difference between achieving your goals or missing the mark. Make sure your lights aren’t holding you back by working with G&G.

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