Replaceable IP68 LED Module

Permanently sealed IP68 LED module with waterproof quick disconnect and latching clips for fast replacement; no tools required.

Long Lifetime Direct-AC Driverless, EMI Silent

Uses modern direct-AC technology to drive LED strings directly from AC line voltage, without a traditional LED driver for extreme reliability and low RF emissions. Compliant to MIL-STD-461E RE102 EMI testing.

Integrated Wiring Box

Waterproof, sealed wiring box with multiple 3/4″ ports to be able to wire TECK90 cabling into and out of the fixture without additional NEMA enclosures required.

Buy America Compliant

All of G&G’s products are engineered, tested, manufactured, assembled and shipped from one facility in Clifton Park, New York with industry-leading turnaround times.

Superior Water, Chemical and UV Resistance

A permanently sealed, seamless co-polyester housing provides IP68 ingress protection specialized for superior chemical resistance to withstand prolonged exposure to harsh environments.

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