Flowers Foods needed an NSF rated linear luminaire that was suitable for use in wet locations, energy efficient and easy to install. Additionally there was a height restriction challenge. Flowers needed to operate forklifts under the lighting and many traditional solutions were simply too large to allow this. Glass products were also not an option. Flowers has been steadily moving away from the use of glass products on the production floor as there is always a risk of breakage.

“It took me under three hours to install 75 feet of lighting! The system’s convenient push and-click connectors just simply snapped together. Operating at about one-third the cost of traditional lighting, it also provided the clear, bright white light that we wanted for our workers. Switching all our lighting to LED is definitely now in the discussion.”

Chuck Gilmer, Building & Maintenance Superintendent


G&G’s low-profile, linear WPX series luminaires are NSF rated for use in food processing applications. This rating provides assurance that the luminaire can meet the rigorous demands of the food processing applications, withstand daily cleaning protocols, contains no toxic materials and are highly resistant to corrosion. At 150 lumens per watt G&G’s WPX series was the efficient, simple and durable LED lighting solution Flowers was looking for.


Flowers installed long linear runs of G&G’s WPX series underneath the new conveyor system. The fixtures were mounting in a u-channel with a finished mounted height of less than two inches. The end result was a clean, quick and simple installation. At up to 1,500 lumens per foot the system sufficiently illuminated the working area with a crisp, consistent light output. From splash zones to loading docks G&G’s WPX series can endure tough the conditions found in food processing environments while consistently contributing to a clean, safe and visually effective workplace.

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