Unfortunately, the LED option did not hold up to the elements of the harsh marine environment. Replacement components were difficult to find and dark areas that were no longer illuminated became dangerous for pedestrians to navigate. The maintenance of these lights had become challenging. The City of Georgetown needed something that would weather the harsh and wet conditions of the South Carolina coast. Aesthetically, the current LED solution was bulky and not spaced evenly along the boardwalk resulting in an uneven light distribution.

“It was important we made sure we were lighting the harbor walk for safety. We also wanted to have even light to make this area of the city look its best. G&G LED Lighting gave us what we needed and now we have significantly less maintenance than what was previously installed.”

Alan Loveless, Engineer


G&G’s low-profile, harsh environment, WPX series linear luminaires were mounted underneath the hand rails of the boardwalk along the waterfront. The overall wide distribution and light pattern allowed city engineers to safely and consistently illuminate the boardwalk by mounting a single two foot luminaire every thirty feet. The IP68/IP69K waterproof design of G&G’s WPX series luminaires was the right choice to install in the harsh environment of the waterfront boardwalk experiencing storms and record breaking high tides. The versatility and ease of installation of the low-profile plug and play luminaires allowed exact mounting placement to be determined on location. Additionally, the ability to adjust the direction of the lights after being mounted enabled installers to rotate the fixtures for the appropriate tilt and zero glare.


The city electrical department was pleased with the overall look of the installation. It is now a beautifully lit boardwalk and a highlight of this charming South Carolina coastal town. The evenly spaced LED fixtures create a safe environment for pedestrians to navigate. The low-profile design has allowed for the lights to be mounted out of the way underneath the hand rails for a clean look. Now you notice the boardwalk and not the lights. The IP68/IP69K design has proven reliable in this harsh marine environment resulting in zero maintenance for the busy city electrical department.

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