While trialing LED fixtures in the tunnels in 2013, the Port Authority of NY & NJ discovered that new LED fixtures created electromagnetic interference (EMI) issues within the tunnels, disrupting the performance of radio, cellular, and other vital communications for proper operations. These disturbances presented safety hazards and first-responder delays that could potentially cause injuries and even loss of life. It became evident that the unintentional radio frequency energy radiated from the electronics of the LED fixtures installed posed a serious threat to the communications infrastructure within the tunnel and an EMI-silent solution must be identified.

“Transit agencies are constantly battling EMI in tunnel and station environments. G&G’s EMI silent LED lighting fixtures are a great solution for both NFPA 130 and NFPA 502 environments.”

– Bradley Rausch, Transit Engineering Consultant, ShorElectric



G&G Industrial Lighting was approached for their EMI-silent, low-profile fixtures. G&G’s fixtures could be placed within close proximity to the radiating cables, which serves as the antennae for their radio communication systems, without interference. G&G’s PRX LED fixtures have been installed for the past two years, and The Port Authority of NY & NJ has only reported positive feedback on the G&G fixtures, that solved their EMI problem. PRX is an integrated fixture that retrofits single pin T12 fluorescent lamps.

The PRX is a harsh environment rated LED luminaire designed to quickly retrofit fluorescent single pin lamps commonly found on subway and train platforms. Its 1” low-profile design enables PRX to fit seamlessly into existing lamp holders while the direct-AC driverless technology allows complete bypassing of the conventional ballast.

Features That Matter

EMI-Silent: Direct-AC technology eliminates electromagetic interference
Low-Profile: Compact 1” housing easily mounts next to cabling
Harsh Environment Rated: Withstands moisture, dust and corrosion
Extreme Reliability: Driverless design reduces risk of failure
Extra Long Life: Rated for 100,000 hour lifetime
Replaceable LED Module: Designed for quick bulb swap
“Fixture Lock” Feature: Anti-rotation mechanism locks fixture in place
Engineered for Transit: Meets NFPA 502 and NFPA 130 standards
Buy American Compliant: Proudly made in the USA


More than doubled the brightness in the tunnel while significantly reducing energy and maintenance costs.

Project (including install) paid for by energy savings alone and financed by PSE&G.

Drastically reduced maintenance intervals, allowing crews to focus on other tasks.

Better road visibility increased driver safety.

“We have worked with G&G for years in the transit space, and have really grown to appreciate the quality and engineering of their products. The Holland Tunnel project really gave them the opportunity to shine. The AC Driverless design of the G&G product gave us the life expectancy and reliability we needed in such a demanding application. Futhermore, G&G worked closely with our project management team to meet a very tight timeline despite all of the logistical and supply chain issues that were prevalent at the time of the project. From designing a unique solution to solve a problem, to helping to validate performance, all the way to reacting and responding to the many logistical challenges, G&G is hard to beat.”
Bernie Erickson, Director of Innovation, Facility Solutions Group

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