Manufacturing Engineer

O (800) 285-6780 x726

As a Manufacturing Engineer at G&G, Hao’s role entails ensuring production and implementing improvements related to Lean manufacturing. He is engaged in various projects that aim to streamline our processes. Hao (Ricky) holds a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering from New York University and is a certified Manufacturing Engineer by SME. With 7 years of experience in the aerospace production industry, he brings a wealth of knowledge, particularly in researching innovative production methods to enhance productivity. What Hao (Ricky) loves most about G&G is the work environment and the company culture. The harmonious atmosphere and the encouragement towards always learning new things are two key aspects that attracted him to work here and helps him continually enhance his skills. Outside work, Hao is passionate about solving mechanical problems, including customizing and modifying cars, designing small mechanical devices, and sharing / discovering ideas and new knowledge on social media platforms.

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