Vice President of Product & Market Strategy

O (800) 285-6780 x722

Michael Quijano comes to G&G with a background in optics engineering from University of Rochester and masters in lighting at RPI.  He spent 8 years at Future Lighting Solutions calling on lighting OEMs helping them convert to LED, then the last 9 years at Ephesus Sports Lighting leading business growth into High School and Recreational markets through product roadmap and go-to-market strategy.  At G&G he will primarily be responsible for leading the business into new growth areas and developing a product roadmap that is aligned with market opportunity and customer needs. Michael’s favorite thing about G&G is the passion that the people have for the organization and he looks forward to working with everyone to take G&G to its full potential.  He has two awesome children and a wife that he loves spending time with and once in a while he finds time to play golf.

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