In 2014, after NASA announced that it had selected SpaceX as the new commercial tenant for launch pad LC-39A, Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, stated that he wanted to shift most of SpaceX’s NASA launches to LC-39A, including commercial cargo and crew missions to the International Space Station. As SpaceX embarked on the next generation of space flight, a redesign of everything from the Dragon capsule to the space suit was in order, including the launch tower and crew access arm. Renovations were completed in 2019.

Bright, crisp illumination was needed on the walkways of the launch tower in order to conduct launches at all hours of the day and it needed to match the futuristic design aesthetic utilized by SpaceX. In addition to the modern look, the lighting fixtures also required the ability to withstand exposure to direct water spray, debris and the heat generated during the astronaut’s emergency egress training and the rocket launch itself. G&G’s low-profile, linkable IP67 rated direct-AC driverless LED luminaires were chosen as the ideal solution for SpaceX’s lighting needs.



G&G’s low-profile, harsh environment GPX series linear luminaires
were mounted directly to the steel support struts above the walkway
on the main capsule access floor of the tower. The overall wide distribution and light pattern allowed SpaceX engineers to uniformly illuminate the area for the astronauts to make their way to their seats in the capsule. The IP67 watetight design of G&G’s GPX series luminaires was the right choice to install in the harsh environment of the launch tower which is exposed to the elements all year round. The ability to interlock the GPX end to end limited visual wiring and created a sleek design aesthetic while the ease of installation of the low-profile plug and play luminaires allowed SpaceX to focus time on more difficult engineering challenges.

Features That Matter

  • Modern Aesthetic – Linkable for long linear runs
  • IP67 Rated – Protection against water and dust intrusion
  • Low-Profile – Compact 1” round housing for space limitations
  • Driverless – Direct-AC connection reduces risk of failure
  • Easy Installation – Quick connect plug & play cabling
  • Made in the USA – Buy American Compliant

SpaceX has ushered in a new era in space exploration with both manned and unmanned missions launching from the Kennedy Space Center. SpaceX has been thrilled with the feedback they have received from their new futuristic design aesthetic which G&G is happy to have played a small part in. The GPX LED fixtures have been able to withstand the everyday environment of salt, fog and wind driving rain common to the Florida coastal region as well as debris propelled during launch. We are excited to be one of the final brands the astronauts see before they embark to outer space.

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