The traditional solution to provide lighting in milking parlors is overhead vapor-tight or metal-halide fixtures. Due to the significant amount of equipment in the parlors as well as the positioning of the animals there is typically very low light levels at the point of the milking process where lighting is required most. There is simply nowhere to effectively mount traditional lighting in the minimal space available close to the milking process. Additionally this lighting can rarely meet the rigorous demands of the application. Any lighting near the parlors are subject to impact from cows, expose to urine and manure and rigorous daily cleaning with high pressure wash down and cleaning chemicals.

“We spent months working with our electricians to identify the right lighting. It’s such a tough space. There are so many requirements given the proximity to the cows and our stringent eco-friendly agenda. G&G offered the perfect solution for our needs. It’s actually been so successful that we’ve had representatives from other dairies visit our milking parlor just to see how it works”

Jordan Matthew, Operations Manager & Co-Owner


G&G’s low-profile, harsh environment, WPX series linear luminaires were mounted at the milking stations, just inches from the udders. The compact 1” round tubular design of the fixtures proved ideal for a simple installation in the tight available space. The IP68/IP69K waterproof rating and IK07 impact rating ensures long-term durability through daily contact and high-pressure wash downs in the incredibly demanding environment.


Prior to installing G&G’s WPX series fixtures the parlor had less than 10 foot-candles of light under the cow utters. With the G&G product installed brightness levels increased to over 300 foot-candles. The technicians can see everything much clearer giving better care to the parlor. It enables them to catch medical issues earlier, reducing the risk of diseases such as Mastitis and lowering cell counts. Jordan adds, “in addition to increasing efficiencies, everyone is amazed just how bright and clean the area looks, it’s quite the showpiece”.

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